The Bank of Spain

Central banks are banks that regulate the currency and provide security banking for all banking within a country.  Central banks play an important role in determining the currency and baking currency notes with actual assets from gold to property.  Most countries have central banks and for Europe in particular, there is a network of central […]

The 3 Biggest Spanish Banks

Spain’s current economy consists of three large banks.  These banks have a historical footing within Spain and were created through major mergers and acquisitions.  The three biggest banks are Santader Bank, BBVA, and Popular Bank.  Below, I will review the profiles for each of these banks, the supporting information for their current statuses and acquisitions, […]

Top Banks for Spanish Citizens: Top 10 Survey

The Spanish banking system is well established and modernized. The country hosts tens of banks and Microfinance institutions, mainly operating in provincial capitals. Each bank has its own traditions and professional ethics that drive performance. Spanish citizens have the freedom to choose their preferred bank and the results are evident in the number of customers […]

The Top Ten Banks With The Largest Assets And Profits In Spain

Banks play a very important role in the economic development of a country, and the world, in general. The Spanish economy, in particular, is only emerging from a perennial slump that started with the global financial crisis in 2008. Spanish banks have been on the forefront of this turnaround, thanks to a combination of stringent […]