This blog explores Spain’s economy and banking system.  It describes popular Spanish banks, their current details and their history, current market climates in Spain, and offers guides to banking in Spain.  This blog was written to assist users and customers in navigating the Spanish banking system from an informed standpoint and is useful for Spanish residents and nonresidents.

What this Blog Covers

·         The Spanish Banking System

This blog provides an overview of some of the major details of the Spanish banking system from with expertise on some of the intricate domains and traditions specific to Spain.  Readers can expect engaging, educational discussion with clear facts about current and up to date trends and practices within the Spanish Banking System as a whole.

·         General Information about the European Economy

This blog provides information about the general function of the euro, European central banking, and other organization of interest that support that stabilization of the Spanish economy.

·         The Spanish Economy

This blog discusses some of the major historical occurrences to the Spanish economy as well as how systems and banking integrate to continue to support the progress of the economy.  The economic commentary also focuses on how the Spanish economy is forecasts through some of the innovative practices, trends and philosophies currently active in the country.

·         Financial History and Central Banking in Spain

This sector of the blog assists readers to understand how Spain is structured and how it has reached its financial position in the world.

·         Financial Trends between 1960 and 1999

This part of the blog notes how modernization efforts in the 1960s led to large banking acquisitions at the turn of the millennium.

·         Financial Trends after 2010

This part of the blog discusses integrative efforts at mergers as distinct from large bank acquisitions as a means to provide additional support for the strength of the Spanish economy to within and prevail through local, national, international, of intra-Eurozone crisis.

·         Innovative Trends in Spanish Economics

This section of the blog focuses on innovative trends and practices in banking, namely internet banking opportunities and the democratization of banking as a move from multinational conventional modes of banking to post-conventional banking alternatives that focus on grassroots citizen accountability and increased ethical structures in pricing and trust relationships with banks.

·         Competitive Emerging Services and Banking Practices

This section of the blog focuses on competitive operations within major banking groups and how these competitive operations position leadership from foreign and Spanish groups to produce excellence in results in primary business objectives.  This aspect of the discussion also facilitates how these competitive operations are market drives towards diversification, simplification, and the utilization of hybrid technologies to reach automation across borders.  Furthermore, this section focuses on how these efforts are articulated in banking visionaries and some of the top executives of the largest firms of the country.

Overall, readers can expect and enlightening, multi-level read that spans the intricacies of traditional Spanish expectations and cultural roles, to multinational expanse of large companies, to navigating uncertainty through technological, grassroots, relational innovation to navigating breakthroughs in industry successes through intentional banking visionary roundtables and councils.